Metal is one of the most sustainable roofing materials, and now it’s becoming one of the most popular. Within the last few years, residential metal roofing systems have reached and exceeded double-digit market share. According to information released by the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) in 2016, metal roofing systems have grown from around four percent of all residential roofing in 1998 to over 11 percent by 2015. Based on this data, the MRA estimated that over 750,000 U.S. homeowners chose to install a metal roof in 2015, making metal roofing second only to asphalt shingles in residential applications.

The MRA estimate was based on an annual survey conducted by Dodge Data and Analytics, which measures the percent of homeowners who purchased building products in a given year. Questions about metal roofing were included in the survey, and the results helped reveal which type of metal systems homeowners preferred and what motivated them to select metal roofing.

The most popular style of metal roofing consisted of the traditional vertical ribbed panel systems accounting for 71 percent of all sales, followed by a variety of proprietary metal shingle/shake/tiles accounting for 22 percent. The top reasons homeowners provided in the study for why they chose a metal roof included:

  • Longevity (26 percent)
  • Strength/Protection (22 percent)
  • Attractiveness (15 percent)
  • Good investment value (15 percent)

All in all, the survey suggests that more and more homeowners are selecting metal roofing because it provides enhanced protection and service life while increasing the value of their property.

If your company hasn’t incorporated metal roofing into its product line, I would encourage you to add this sustainable — and profitable — system to your lineup. And with this month’s issue of Roofing Contractor focusing on metal, this is the perfect time to take a look at everything metal has to offer for your customers and for the future of your business.